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The process of immigrating to the United States is one of the most important life experiences people will go through in their lives. Moving countries is complex and stressful and the consequences of failing to plan properly can lead to nightmare scenarios. It is not surprising, therefore, that people turn to immigration lawyers to assist with immigrating. What to look for in a lawyer? The following list factors helpful in making your decision:

  1. AILA member – Is the lawyer a member of American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA)? AILA is the immigration lawyer’s best resource for up-to-date information. While being an AILA member is not a sign of quality, it may indicate the lawyer is keeping up with this rapidly changing field of law.
  2. Community reputation – Has the lawyer established a good name in the community? If your attorney has a sterling community reputation, chances are it was earned through hard work.
  3. Immigration exclusive practice – Many lawyers list immigration law as one of a variety of matters they handle. It is tough enough for a full-time immigration lawyer to keep abreast of all of the developments in the practice area. It is nearly impossible to be a top immigration lawyer while trying to balance being an expert in other practice areas as well. While someone can be a good immigration lawyer and also be competent in another practice area, watch out for lawyers where immigration is one practice area on a laundry list of claimed specialties.

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